As our most valued subscriber of Silver/Gold/Platinum plan for Hosting Services,E-globalfocus Sdn Bhd would like to ensure that our customers will be granted with the most exceptional privileges and excellent services. With the commitment that we have on you, starting from 1st July 2005, you will be enjoying a whole selection of exclusive services-helping you to grow your business and wealth with the most comprehensive solutions and pleasant experience!
As a current subscriber of Silver/Gold/Platinum Plan, you will be enjoying the preferential yearly discount rate up to 15% whenever you renew your existing hosting plan with us each year. For first year service renewal, you will be entitled for 5% discount, for second year service renewal, you will be granting with a 10% discount and for third year service renewal, a total of 15% discount will be provided to you for the same hosting plan service renewed.
In order to assist you in making payment for services renewal, you will be notified and alerted whenever the hosting services renewal is required for your business. Besides that, you can request for using our “Cheque Pick-Up Services” provides to you for making your renewal payment through the easiest way with no hassle at all!
For your added convenient, after having your domain and hosting package, if you were thinking of building up or re-constructing your website design, we would like to further assist you in granting you a total 10% special discount on any type of our existing website design retail charges.

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As SMS text messaging has been proven to be one of the fastest, most personalized and effective way in your business management, customer services and marketing today, if you would like to utilize this service, you will enjoy a one time setup fee waived for MX Broadcast Bronze Plan worth RM 188!

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Your website position and its user traffic in the internet are important; we would like to assist you in promoting your website by submitting your website into the search engine and further making your website searchable in many others popular websites.
If you are running a typical offline business and are now thinking of venturing into the global business era, you can now fully utilize the 10% discount for purchasing our exclusive e-commerce package, SurfStore Pro. This package will help you to globalize your business, increasing your sales revenue; increasing efficiency and the most importantly, it help to run your business on 24x7x365 basis!

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